Informed sexual education for young people

The training is aimed at young people so that they can be more aware of sexuality, sex, and everything else related to it in the future. The topics under discussion are generally not discussed at school or at home.

The training consists of two parts:

  1. In the first part, we will talk about male and female anatomy, hygiene, falling in Love, Love, self-esteem, intercourse, pleasures, the world of porn, self-gratification, mental health, the effect of thoughts on how you feel, and other exciting and stimulating topics. Everything is talked about without taboos, honestly and sincerely, just in a way that is suitable for young people and the topics that speak to them.
  2. In the second part, Epp answers the participants' questions. It is possible to ask questions anonymously, i.e., write them down on paper and slide them into the question box during a break.

What is the expected result?

Young people who are more confident and self-aware. Fears and taboos around sex disappear. The ability to set one's own limits and the courage to say what you like and what you don't like develop. Better contact emerges with yourself and others, and respect and esteem both for yourself and for other people.

The training is intended for young people who are interested in sex and sexual topics and are ready to listen to the lecture with open hearts. The recommended age is individual. But preferably from the age of 14. The training lasts two hours and costs €30.

I am also ready to come to school if the school invites me. For more information, write to

"Through this training, I simplify the educational part of parents that concerns sexuality. I tell young people honestly and easily about themselves, and I believe that the new generation will be free through a more informed attitude, and they will be able to break the wall built around the sexual world, which has been considered taboo for decades. I hope that they will take the best from this training in order to know how to create a more perfect relationship with themselves and be happy. You are number 1, and everything starts with you!" 

Trainer Epp Kärsin


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