Lingam massage training + oral sex training

Lingam massage training and oral sex training can also be completed as separate training, but if there is a wish and a desire to acquire a greater amount of knowledge and skills at the time, then an opportunity was created for this purpose by combining the two trainings.

The lingam massage or male genital massage training consists of two parts:

  • Introduction - Many fascinating facts about men, scientific studies, examples from life itself, anatomy and physiology, the laws of the holistic world, reflection on a couple's relationship, etc.
  • Practice on dildos - You will learn more than 30 different positions.

Lingam massage is the ultimate experience and a completely new, undiscovered world for a man. The touch has a healing effect; there are thousands of nerve endings at the top of the lingam, which can only be stimulated by massage, and through this, the mental and physical health of the man improves. He is a better and more balanced man than ever!

You can find more information about the lingam massage part I training here

Oral sex training also consists of two parts:

  • Introduction - Is oral sex safe? How to prepare the man and yourself for it. We will talk about everything you need to know in order for oral sex to be successful and for you to like it as well. In addition, good recommendations and a flying fantasy. Oral sex video at the end of part I.
  • Practice on dildos - In the practical part, positions and different combinations are demonstrated, which the training participants themselves can try out on the mulages at their own pace. The practical part also includes instructions on how to use a condom.

When performing oral sex, a chocolate nut cream with a nut content of 62%, specially brought from Italy, is used. This nut cream itself is a mouth-watering taste orgasm. 

Oral sex is like the icing on the cake for men, and if you can do it well and with confidence, the man will melt like wax.

Oral sex is the way to a man's heart!

You can find more information about oral sex training here

Duration: 6 hours


The training is suitable for anyone who feels that they want to improve their knowledge of pleasure and polish their existing skills.

Love is the magic of pleasures and, thus, the greatest gift to any person!

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